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About Us

We are a a group of undergraduate students who, in the late hours following a 7+ hour rally on Thursday April 19, 2019, deemed it necessary to take a strong stance alongside New Haven in its fight for justice for Stephanie Washington and Paul Witherspoon. We were moved by the spirit of New Haven organizers and sought a means of using our privilege as Yale students to uplift the voices of those affected by this injustice. We have been working to mobilize Yale students to support the efforts of neighboring community activist organizations such as People Against Police Brutality and Black Lives Matter New Haven, with the common goal of securing justice for Stephanie and Paul. 

We are currently demanding that Yale University defund and dismantle the Yale Police Department and use these funds to invest in the New Haven community.

Mission Statement:

Black Students for Disarmament at Yale is working against the violent and punitive institution of policing as we know it on Yale’s campus and beyond. 

Vision Statement:

Black Students for Disarmament at Yale envisions a world where communities, especially Black and Brown ones, have autonomy over their own safety and well being.

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