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Although we began as a group of Black students, our organization has grown to include people of all races, backgrounds, cultures, etc. Even if you do not identify as Black, please do not hesitate to sign up to be an organizer or volunteer. We would love to have you on our team.



As part of the BSDY support group, you will be placed on a mailing list where you will receive updates about BSDY events and actions you can take. You can choose to volunteer on specific projects and, in that case, will report to that project's director.


As part of the BSDY organization, you will join a project-focused team of your choosing and report to a team director. You will be expected to contribute to projects, attend team meetings, and attend BSDY events and meetings.



These are organizations that support our mission and are on a mailing list with updates on our actions. This information can be passed on to their members but they are not expected to work with us on projects, but any sharing of resources is always welcome! 


These are organizations that work with us on specific projects, like teach-ins and protests, but are not expected to share volunteers or do work for us on projects they are not directly involved with.

For General Inquiries:

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